Friday, May 21, 2010


This is a shout out (can't believe I just wrote that) for Go Together Press, which is nearly three years old now, and its excellent magazine Artesian, edited by Tereza StehlĂ­ková and Gareth Evans.  I just caught up with their second issue, themed around water - the first had 'earth' as its 'informal frame'.  They include a lot of landscape-related material in the magazine, including some artists and writers I've discussed here before (links to my old posts):
  • a half page on Chris Drury's book Algonquin
  • a good article on Thomas Joshua Cooper, following his Haunch of Venison exhibition last year
  • extracts from Gary Snyder's 'Necessary Steps Towards a Future Worth Living' (accompanied by some images from  Nadine Barth's anthology Vanishing Landscapes)
  • and a feature on the recent sculptures of Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey who have been imprinting images on grass via photosynthesis.
Some other water and landscape articles in this issue of Artesian are:
  • poetry by Elizabeth Bletsoe taken from her collection Landscape from a Dream
  • a 'spirit of place' piece by Graeme Hobbs, describing the rainswept landscape of the Scottish Borders
  • an article on the cameraless photography of Susan Derges, including images like Full Moon Cloud Shoreline, 2008
  • and Czech composer Ilja Hurnik's reflections on water music: Debussy, Chopin, Smetana and Vitezslaw Novak.
Here is a Youtube clip of Novak's cantata The Storm, which Hurnik associates with the particular sound qualities of the North Sea.

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