Monday, September 18, 2017

Frozen Air

For this, the 1000th entry on this blog, I am pleased to announce... a book.

If you have liked some of what I have written here over the years I think you should enjoy it.  It is not a reprint of anything on the blog, though it does refer to artists and writers I have featured here (including Peter Lanyon, the subject of my 500th post).  Here is the description, taken from the Amazon page where you can order it.
At the edge of England the land ends suddenly in high chalk cliffs. From the beach at Cuckmere Haven, they stand like frozen air, silent above the waves that are gradually undermining them. Here the landscape seems timeless, reduced to its basic elements: rock, water, air and sunlight. But the cliffs have a remarkable history and an uncertain future. They continue to inspire painters and composers, photographers and filmmakers, poets and nature writers. In this sequence of short linked texts and photographs, Andrew Ray explores the Seven Sisters to consider the meaning of this extraordinary landscape.
You will be able to read some short extracts on Caught by the River starting tomorrow and if you don't fancy Amazon you can buy it from their shop.

As for the future of this blog - I am as fascinated by all this as I ever was and have no plans to stop at the first thousand posts...

Postscript 22/9/17: 
You can read a review by Ken Worpole of Frozen Air at The New English Landscape.

5 comments: said...

Congratulations on your book and your blog !

Papierflieger said...

Very cool, I am looking forward to read it!

Mike C. said...

Congratulations, and thanks for these consistently interesting posts: I hope you still get the readership figures you deserve, though I know blogs have sadly fallen into the TL;DR category. Heading to Amazon now.


Plinius said...

Thanks all of you. Yes, Mike, I know what you mean about TL;DR. People prefer twitter and so I'm grateful that you take the time to comment here. That said, my book is not long and is deliberately pared down to the essentials (like the chalk landscape). I hope you enjoy it. I've always deliberately kept this blog ad-free and not attempted to 'monetize' it, so it will be nice to get a small return from selling a few of these books.

Gerry Loose said...

Very glad to see a book there. I've followed this blog for quite a while. It's always both calming and thought-provoking. Many thanks. (Also good to reveal the identity of Plinius at last)