Sunday, February 01, 2009

The tower of Kew

Inspired by a recent post on BLDBLOG I have been playing around with Wordle, putting in various landscape texts to see what they look like. Here for example, is a word cloud for Sir William Chambers' Dissertation on Oriental Gardening (1772):

Wordle: Oriental Gardening

A few weeks ago we visited Kew Gardens and I had my first experience of the new treetop walk. It was a cold, misty day and I took this photograph of Sir William Chambers' pagoda - a high view it would have been impossible to see before without climbing up one of the trees. Horace Walpole watched it being constructed in 1761 and wrote 'we begin to perceive the tower of Kew from Montpelier Road; in a fortnight you will be able to see it in Yorkshire.'

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