Friday, February 03, 2006

Frozen Mist above Lititz Run

The World Wide Panorama site is devoted to VR panoramas submitted by photographers from around the world. The current exhibition is a collection of favourite images from 2005. Since Robert Barker coined the term ‘panorama’ and exhibited his view of Edinburgh, landscape subjects have been associated with the form. However, action scenes were also crucial to the early popularity of painted panoramas, and many of the most interesting modern VR panoramas involve people rather than beautiful vistas. Nevertheless, here are a few landscape panoramas from 2005 that appealed to me: Frozen Mist Above Lititz Run by Tom Fulmer, Moscow River Fog by Andrew M. Zubetz, Old Man and the Sea by Troy Ward, Beech Woods in Autumn by Tudor Jenkins and the similar Forest in Winter by Helmut Koelbach.

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